How to get a PESEL number

As a Nigerian living in Poland, you can register your stay – in such a situation, you will automatically obtain a PESEL number. PESEL is the Polish Universal Electronic System for Registration of the Population.
If you cannot register your residence, and any agency requires a PESEL Number from you – you can apply.
Here’s how to do it.

Are you Eligible?

You will be issued a PESEL Number ex officio – if you register your residence in Poland for a stay of over 30 days.
An application can be submitted at the municipality/township office – if you cannot register your residence, but you need the PESEL Number to do so.

What you need

If you have your residence registered:

  • You can apply for a PESEL number by downloading the application form here. A copy can also be obtained at your municipality/township office.
  • You will also need a document, that confirms your identity – be it your residence permit, passport or student’s ID card.

How long does it take?

Your PESEL number should be issued immediately unless there are no legal grounds for you to obtain one.

Where do I apply/obtain my PESEL number?
At the municipality/township office assigned to your place of registered residence address

On what Legal base?
The Population Registration Act of 25 September 2010 (Journal of Laws of 2018 r. Item 1382),
Regulation of the Minister of Internal Affairs of 4 January 2012 regarding the assignment or change of PESEL N Numbers (Journal of Laws of 2015 r. Item 1984).

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